AKG DMS800 Vocal Set D5 (BD1)


AKG DMS800 Specs

Bandwidth Up to 150 MHz
Frequency Band BD1 = 548.1 to 605.9 and 614.1 to 697.9 MHz


The BD1 band, D5 microphone 3383H00010 DMS800 Vocal Set from AKG is a reference digital wireless system. It includes the DSR800 reference two-channel digital wireless receiver, a pair of DHT800 wireless handheld transmitters, two D5 WL1 microphone head capsules, and two W3004 windscreens.

The DSR800 receiver provides a very wide bandwidth of up to 150MHz for increased reliability and versatile operation, while the DHT800 transmitters deliver durability, easy handling, and dependability.

The set’s two D5 WL1 dynamic microphone heads are suitable for lead vocals due to their ability of creating the subtle and open sounds of a condenser capsule, while also delivering the powerful resonance of a dynamic microphone. The microphone capsule is designed to deliver a powerful sound even on the noisiest stage. Its frequency independent supercardioid polar pattern is engineered to ensure maximum gain before feedback. The D5 WL1 offers a crisp sound that cuts through the mix.

Rounding out the set is a pair of stand adapters for the DHT800 transmitters.

Dual channel / microphone wireless transmission
Wide bandwidth of up to 150MHz
Microphone Capsule Features
Patented Laminated Varimotion Diaphragm for crisp sound that cuts through every mix
High feedback suppression with supercardioid polar pattern for trouble-free usage with on-stage monitoring
Integrated pop filter for elimination of pops and wind-noise
Self-cleaning contacts help ensure reliable operation and long life


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